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Multi Shot Cakes

These items have many effects tied to a single fuse. These Items may contain up to 500 grams of powder, can reach hights of 200 feet, and may include whistles, bangs, or coloful displays.
9mm world class fireworks
These Cakes are rapid fire in a fan.
Great Small cakes when space is limited
3 inch Cakes Firewoks
Large Shells Multi-shot
Starburst 350 gram cake
Medium size cakes they rival 500 gram cakes at a lower price
Folds of honor
This section includes many multi shot cakes
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Matrix Pyro 16 shots
Matrix Pyro
Price: $27.95
Matrix Pyro
A big full matrix of red, green and blue tails to gold willows to colorful stars. 16 SHOTS
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