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Hammer of Thunder

Price: $129.95
hammer of thunder superior
Item Number: 1.19
Manufacturer: Superior

Hammer of Thunder delivers 24 of the most powerful canister shells on the market, including 24 assorted effects with massive breaks.

  • Charcoal Palm to Purple and Green Stars

  • Gold Strobing Willow

  • Red and Green Crackling Palm

  • Time Rain Willow

  • Gold Titanium Willow with Red Strobe

  • Sea Blue & Lemon Yellow with Red Strobe

  • Gold Palm with Colorful Stars, White Glitter, and Red Strobe

  • Red Glittering Willow with Crackle

  • Gold Willow to Neon Peony with White Strobe

  • Neon Peony to Crackle

  • Willow with Strobe

  • Gold Willow to Green with Gold Strobe

  • Red, Green, and Blue with Gold Strobe

  • Teal and Magenta with Gold Strobe

  • Teal and Yellow Dahlia with White Strobe

  • Brocade Crown

  • Crackle

  • Color Peony and Strobe with Silver Chrysanthemum

  • Green Glitter, Orange Star, and Sea Blue

  • Brocade to Crackling Willow with Red and Green Peony

  • Gold Titanium Willow with Sea Blue and Green Strobe

  • Neon Multi-Color Peony

  • Gold Titanium Willow

  • Charcoal Palm with Red and Blue Stars

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